We need bold, new ideas. Erick Walker has plenty.

Why am I Running for City Council?

I’m running for City Council to move Ward 4 forward, to address poverty and to support “out of the box” ideas to address crime.

I will continue to support our seniors and talk with them about what’s important to them.

I think it’s time that the citizens of Cleveland be allowed to address their leaders at City Council meetings petition City leaders for redress of grievances.

I believe we should prioritize establishing a school on the Cleveland’s east side similar to the Max Hayes School on the west side—where our young men and women can learn trade skills.

I believe that every human being has a right to dignity and that dignity includes a good job making at least $15 dollars an hour.

I also believe that dignity includes providing health care options for people who need help and can’t afford it.

I will passionately fight to be an advocate for Ward 4 and I will seek to be in partnership with individuals and institutions that are trying to advance the quality of life in our Ward.


Your contribution to our campaign will help fuel our work to rebuild Ward 4