Official News from Ward 4

Cleveland City Council Approves Public Comment Rule Change

Aug. 19, 2021  |  IDEASTREAM

From ideastream – Public comment will soon be incorporated into Cleveland City Council meetings. Two amendments to council rules allowing people to speak passed Wednesday afternoon.

The first rule change adds public comment to the order of business for meetings and allows anyone to speak, regardless of whether they’re a resident of Cleveland. An additional amendment requires rule changes, like those allowing public comment, to be approved by the entire council before implementation. Read more >>


Erick Walker Pledges to Lead by Listening

For too long Ward 4 has been without a forum for having conversations about our needs and wants. Under my leadership, community meetings will be held every month on a set date and time. During COVID they will necessarily be held virtually. As soon as we are able, however, we will meet in person.

Erick Walker Announces Plan to Bridge Digital Divide

I will collaborate with my east side colleagues to bridge the digital divide by establishing free, high speed wifi. Lack of access to technology is one of the defining inequities contributing to Cleveland being among the poorest large cities in America, and if not corrected, will keep our children at a disadvantage into the future.


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